Roomba turned on Central Vac!

I decided to work from home for the morning rather than go into the office today. I'm glad I did as the roomba is scheduled to run at 9am everyday and this morning when it started running, it ended up bumping into our central vac toe kick sweeping port thing in the kitchen and turned on the central vac. The central vac would have been running all day until we got home this evening to turn it off!

Looks like I'll be putting the central vac on a smart plug that gets turned off when we are away and turned on when we are home or the house cleaner arrives!


It's amazing the things we take for granted until something happens. Good catch. Another automation idea in the works.

I was looking for more things to automate too so this was actually a pleasant surprise! I don't imagine running a central vac for 9 hours would be terrible cheap in electricity costs or good for the vacuum!

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