Room UI - Locks and Contact Sensors

I like the new Room functionality and I know that this feature is "foundational", so maybe these are known issues. I added several rooms, which is pretty intuitive in the web UI. :+1:

I added all of my locks to one of the rooms. I'm not seeing them in the mobile app, however. Contact sensors seem to be missing as well. Everything else I added (dimmers, switches, my siren, etc. seem to be displayed and functional. It's a nice start and I think it's going to be very useful. BTW, this is on the Android mobile app.

Currently, mobile app only shows switches, dimmers and bulbs.

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Is a Shelly relay a switch? I can add the parent device to a room but cannot add the child device (not available)
In the app I cannot see the parent device (makes sence)

Yes, it's a switch.

In the parent device, fill out the form, and hit Save Preferences. That should create the child device for the switch.

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It looks as if you can add the child devices from the device page directly.
The only issue is (and it is a big one), if you go into the Room configuration, and then save, the child devices will get removed, and you will have to add them again.

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Update to was the solution

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