Room Lights Missing Preset Off labels and not obeying time period change

This only happens for time periods. I can count them and figure out whats what but miss the labels. Im also seeing some of my automations are not switchimg to their current time mode when they should. If i go into the app and exit out they switch. A couple i seem to have fixed by deleting and recreating but one is still acting up for some reason.

None of this happens with modes, only time periods.

Can you post the full Room Lighting instance? Do you have Adjust Lights on Time Period Changes selected in other activation options? You might need that at Activate even if partially activated selected.

Maybe my post isnt clear. If i have multiple times set the app does not switch to that time after that time passes. Example, if i have ine labeled day and the at 5pm i have one labeled evening, it stays on day sfter 5 pm unless i open the app, look at the time settings, and click done. Then it switches.

This is a very basic serup, same way ive been doing it for the last couple years. Something chamged recently.

Heres a perfect example. You can see on top ot shows evening 2 but it should be in the night time period.

Toward the bottom in the box it shows night as the period.

Gotta be a bug

I seem to have gotten it working by deleting and recreating it, but I had done that yesterday and it didn't work. Maybe theres a certain order of things during creation that confuses it. Who knows. Would love to see the labels come back tho.

This picture is not a bug; though, I would need to see the logs to confirm. The top circle shows that Room Lighting turned off in Evening 2 and went into Preset Off settings for that time period. The second circle shows that when Room Lighting gets activated again, it will move into the Night time period. Once the light gets activated again, it will shift into Preset Off for the Night time period when Room Lighting gets turned off.


Can you look into the labelling issue with Room Lighting? I see it also on my instances. Basically, when Room Lighting is set up with Preset Off per time period, in the Time Period page, the sections are not labelled with which Preset Off goes with which time period. Manually counting allows for someone to match them up, but I'm pretty sure there should be headers. Is this true?

Please show screenshots of what you're talking about.

When they work, they match up though. Here's a screenshot of it working after I deleted and recreated it.

I don't know how you got to those settings. I need to see the entire screen.

I don't know what steps you did to 'break' it. Without something I can replicate, it's not possible to diagnose the issue. I cannot reproduce what you showed above.

When I select the option for Preset Off per Time period in the Means to turn off the lights, when I go into the time period page, there are no headers to indicate which Preset Off goes with which time period. Does the pictures with the circles help?

OK, I can reproduce this. Will find the cause and get it fixed...

Fix for this will be in the next release.


Update fixed the off labels, thank you! The other issue is probably something weird i was doing. All is working now.