Room Lights Color Selector

Would it be possible to have a "Recently Used" field when selecting colors in Room Lights? Not a big deal, I just think it would make it easier if I want to have a lot of bulbs be a color that isn't in the list already, but I used in "Pick a Color". Maybe the "Pick a Color" dialog could have a grid of the previously used 10 colors or something like that

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That would be crazy. Will add Hex Color option, because at least with that you can keep track of colors as hex values for entry again. The color picker for Pick a Color will display the hex value so you could make note of it.


That works, thanks!

Is there any way to view the current hex value of a light in room lights or anywhere on hubitat? If not it would be cool if we could hover over the color in the column and have it display the hex code as a tooltip

The only way I know would be to use an online tool, grab the Hue, Saturation and Level values from the device page, and convert them to hex.

When you use the color picker, you can see what the hex value is of the picked color, but the current color doesn't come up automatically in these pickers (something I'd like to get fixed if doable).

I will look into the tool-tip idea. I was playing with this some, and can get the hex value from the HSL values. I discovered some odd things when I do that, as if there are rounding errors in the methods that do the conversions.

It's possible here also:

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Ok thanks! Much appreciated

That will be in the next release, not that was just released.


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