"Room Lights Capture Switch" device type?

Forgive me if this is covered somewhere -- my search-fu may be weak today...

Can anyone please ELI5 what the "Room Lights Capture Switch" device-type option does / brings to the table?


The Capture Device can be used to re-capture the device settings for the current mode or time period (if any). It is both a switch and a button. Some users like the ability to capture devices using it instead of using the app UI.

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If I understand correctly, then it's more of a temporary Type to use for setup? IOW, you wouldn't leave it set long-term as a device type?

Thanks for the help!

Room Lights creates the virtual device. That's the only way it works. So it's not "temporary". It could be removed if it's not going to be used.

I don't understand why you're talking about Type. There is a dedicated driver for it.

OK, that makes more sense -- by "Type" I just mean that I noticed it's a selectable option here, so it piqued my curiosity. Thanks for your help - I appreciate it!

As with any child device type (app child device type), selecting that yourself would not work with Room Lights, and you'd just have an oddball virtual device. Only an app can create its child devices, not you by selecting a Type.

Sounds good -- again, I appreciate the info -- thanks Bruce

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