Room Lighting Stuck "Active" Won't Load

I have a Room Lighting app installed that says it is "Active". The lights are off, I have rebooted the hub etc. When I try to open the app it gets stuck Saying " Please wait, loading app Room Lights ..." and will do that indefinitely, even after a reboot. I have had a few that do this, I have only been able to get them working again by deleting the rule entirely and recreating, but that isn't sustainable.

I can't pull the exact rule up right now (because of the above loading issue), but it has several contact sensors and several motion sensors that trigger it for open/close. Some are part of the hub mesh so not local sensors. The logs look like it is turning the lights on and off, but they never actually change. I'm happy to include logs if asked

Can you PM me your hub's id? I'll take a look.

We have a fix for this in the next release. You've got multiple instances firing during a Delayed Activation or Delayed Turn Off. That is the source of the problem. That should resolve itself somewhat with the next release, but you may want to review how you have this set up.

Okay so I guess I don't understand how the room lighting is working. I assumed there was one instance and if a "turn on" triggered during a wait it would basically start the timing over.

Basically on my garage I have several doors (to outside, into the house, garage doors) and motion sensors. I want the lights on for 10 minutes after every door opens then closes (so if the door remains open lights remain on), then every time any motion detector triggers or a door opens it starts the watch over.

It sounds like maybe room lighting is not ideal for this and I should use rule machine? Is there a better way to accomplish this? (I get confused creating the more complicated automations).

If I should ask this in a new thread I'm happy to open a new one in the appropriate location.

Thanks again!

This is how it works. Check it out and see if it does what you want. The problem you had before should be resolved.

The problem before is resoled, but it seems like each time something triggers the "on" it spins off a new instance even if it is already on. This has caused my lights to turn off repeatedly in succession when they shouldn't be

For example:
Minute 0 - Open door 1
minute 1 - open door 2
minute 10- lights off, verbal command to turn back on so I"m not in the dark
minute 11 - lights on, verbal command to turn back on so I'm not in the dark

It gets even wonkier when you include the motion, I had several times where motion would trigger on (as it should) and less than a minute later the lights would go back off (should be a 10 minute wait)
After 10 min

Need to see a screenshot of the app setup page, and screenshot of the logs showing this happening.