Room Lighting options

Hi, I have 2 physical switches to turn on/off my apartment lights: 1) Hue Dimmer Switch. 2) Logitech Harmony Elite.

I've set everything up on the Room Lighting app and all seems ok, but I now want to complicate things a bit more, and I wonder how to achieve it...

So my Hue Dimmer Switch has 4 buttons that I can use. 2 buttons (1&4) are already in use to turn all my lights on and off.
I want to use button 2 to turn off all lights except my entrance lights and button 3 to turn off all lights except my hall lights.

I don't see an option to do it via the Room Lighting app.
I used RM to create a rule in which button 2 turns off all lights except my entrance lights.
The rule works fine, but when I try to push button 1 to turn the lights on again, the log states that this button is already activated and the lights stay turned off.

How can I make this rule work and in which app it's best to do it?

For the button functions outside of Room Lights, Button Controller is probably the way to go. Each Button Rule (for a single button-action) is itself a mini-Rule Machine rule, triggered by that button-action. Button Controller itself is due for a nice UI update in the next release.

In Room Lights, select the option under Activation Options to Activate even if partially activated.

Thanks. I still want to use the Room Lighting app for light level/temp when changing modes.

Should I just remove any on/off options from the Room Lighting app and move it to the button control app?

No, leave it as you have it. You only use Button Controller (or Rule Machine) for the other buttons. The option I mentioned above will fix the issue of button 1 not turning the lights on because "already activated".

Ok, I'll give it a go. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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