Room Lighting not firing properly

I have a rule to turn on my bathroom fan switch whenever the door to the bathroom is closed. However I’m finding that when the door is closed, the switch doesn’t turn on. However if you open the door for a second, and then re close it, the fan switch turns on successfully. Wondering what may be causing this behavior?

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@bravenel any idea what may be happening here?

Need to see the logs for the app, along with for the device. The app logs will probably show what the app is doing.

Thanks, I'll have to enable logs for the app and re-create it. I'll post the logs as soon as I can.

@bravenel it looks like it’s saying it’s already active but it shouldn’t be.

In this case, simply add the option to 'Activate even if partially activated'. This happens when devices don't always report their state, or their state changes behind the app's back.



With RL one has to think about the state of the RL instance, not the state of the devices. It's not intuitive at first. But once you get the hang of it it is easier to track these issues down.

You can see the contact changing state, so this is not the issue with this instance.

Activating if already partially active works, but it treats a symptom rather than cause. A way that addresses turning the fan 'off' outside of the RL instance is to include the fan in 'Select Switches that Determine All Lights Are Off' selection. This is also useful for re-setting any pending off timers that are part of the RL instance.

The contact has nothing to do with it. It''s the state of the activated devices that matters.

Correct, my mistake. I've never had Hubitat lose track of any devices anyway that I remember, and if it did there was a temporary reason for it.

@bravenel woukd you recommend setting both of these settings on all switches and dimmers in rule lighting?

No, it depends on a number of factors. The issues have to do with not wanting to load your mesh network up with pointless commands, for example turning on a light that is already on. By default, RL assumes that it's the boss of those lights, and that they reliably respond to commands. However, if lights are commanded from outside RL, then somehow RL has to become aware of that, and act accordingly.

In a perfect world, these options are not needed. RL has options to allow you to custom fit each instance to the specifics of each lighting situation.

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