Room Lighting Groups missing in Advanved Button Controller

As per release notes I transferred all my groups and scenes to the Room Lighting app.

Now the Advanced Button Controller does not seem to know room lighting yet.
Could room lighting groups be added to the ABC app?

Also the groups and scenes app is now deprecated. Once you uninstall you can’t reinstall. Is there a way to get it back?

In case it's not clear, ABC is a community app, not a built-in app provided by HE.

The built-in app (Button Controllers) is available and fully functional.

The ABC thread is here:

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If you have removed it, to get the app back you would have to restore a recent hub database backup that included the Groups and Scenes app.

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What are you trying to do? The Room Lighting activator device should be usable as a switch (or dimmer or bulb, etc.) device without specific support from any app. If it's looking very specifically for the Group driver of old, then no, but there's probably another way to do it with whatever app.


Good point, forgot to add that to my reply! :slight_smile:

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I have lutron picos and used abc to control groups of lights.

Hold button 1 to turn off all lights and outlets in the house.

Created groups of devices in groups and scenes.
Assigned those groups to buttons in ABC for various picos.

The internal Button Controller App also doesn’t seem to have Lighting App Groups.
‘As a User I want to turn off all my lighting groups with a single switch’

I create a lighting app groups with all my light bulbs and a few outlets.
Now I want to assign a button in the button controller app to a Lutron pick..
When I add a new action, select control switch and button, the lighting groups don’t show up in the list of devices.
I get that I can do that by assigning a switch to the lighting group but that makes it super messy to manage as now my 5 button pico is spread over a bunch a screens where it was super easy to manage on a single screen with the abc controller app. So no I don’t want that kind of a mess.

Is there another way to work with groups in the lighting app that I am missing? Seems deprecating the groups and scenes hasn’t made things easier… maybe just bring the groups and scenes back?

You simply control the Activator device. You gave that a name in Room Lights (lower right on main page). That's a device you can use in any other automation. This is exactly the way you would control a Group-2.1, by controlling its activator device that it created.

Thanks for your response!

So create a bunch of virtual switches, set those as activators, one for each group? Then group the virtual switches?


Room Lights creates the virtual switches for you. Those are the Activator Devices. You name it in the app where it says Command with:

So this app has created a virtual device called My Activator. That is what you used in Button Controller to turn on the lights.


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