Room Lighting Bug?

I'm having 2 issues with one of my room light apps.

I am both trying to turn off my "Office Amp" when I turn off the room lights in case I had it on and forgot to turn it off. Additionally, during some modes, I want to leave on "Office Desk Light" for my plants.

For Office Amp, I find if I check the "Force" box, it turns it on when the room light is activated, even though the Act box is not checked.

For the Office Desk Light, it turns it off even though I don't have "Off" checked (same behavior whether or not I select the "Force" option). I have a similar behavior in another app that works fine.

Currently running version:

Here is the off event logs:

Here is the on event logs:

I will look into this. Force should not override the on/off selector checkboxes.

In your logs there are two apps involved with Office Desk. Your main app (175), the one you've shown, does not turn off Office Desk. It is turned off by app 176.

So, the turning on of Office Amp when it's On checkbox is not checked is a bug, and the other is not. Fix will be in an upcoming release.


Super helpful, I was suspecting that and even tried to look into it but missed the subtle change in app number, thanks!

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