Room Lighting App Pause not working

I have a room lighting app that when paused does not actually pause the actions. Logs shows its paused, but the actions still trigger.

Master Bedroom - Motion Lighting (Paused)Built In App


Name Type Value

attrStateD enum active
contacts capability.contactSensor [ Master Bedroom Door ]
customAttrD enum motion
dimLAUseVar bool false
doTurnOff bool true
illumsD capability.illuminanceMeasurement [ Lux North ]
logging bool true
luxD number 1900
modes enum ["1","2","65"]
modeXD enum ["33","97","2","65","3"]
motionsOff capability.motionSensor [ Master Bath Motion, Master Bath Motion (Door), Master Bedroom Closet Motion, Master Bedroom Motion ]
motionTime decimal 5
offLightsL capability.switch [ Master Bedroom Lights ]
offMeans enum ["motion stays inactive"]
onConds enum ["illuminance is above","mode is"]
onMeans enum ["contact opens"]
origLabel text Master Bedroom - Motion Lighting
otherOnOpts enum ["doTurnOn","onTrans"]
roomDevsL capability.switch,capability.pushableButton,capability.windowShade,capability.windowBlind [ Master Bedroom Lights ]
schedTypeL enum Hub Modes
stay.0 decimal 1
stay.1 decimal 1
stay.1.1 decimal 1
stay.2 decimal 1
stay.3 decimal 0
stay.65 decimal 1
stay.97 decimal 0
stayMode bool true
transIntrvlOn number 1
transTimeOn number 3
useModes bool true
Event Subscriptions

Source Event Handler Filter

HAL9000 (Location) mode modeHandler false
Master Bath Motion motion motionStaysHandler true
Master Bath Motion (Door) motion motionStaysHandler true
Master Bedroom Closet Motion motion motionStaysHandler true
Master Bedroom Door actHandler true
Master Bedroom Lights allOffHandler true
Master Bedroom Lights switch evtHandler true
Master Bedroom Motion motion motionStaysHandler true
Application State

Name Type Value

active Boolean false
allVarsB ArrayList []
allVarsI ArrayList []
allVarsS ArrayList []
allVarsT ArrayList []
appLabel String Master Bedroom - Motion Lighting
appNamePause String Master Bedroom - Motion Lighting (Paused)
attrTypeD String ENUM
buttonTable HashMap {}
capDevs0 HashMap {}
capDevs1 HashMap {5006={doOff=true, doAct=true, isSet=false, swVal=on, dimVal=70, CM=Dimmer, useVarD=false}}
capDevs1.1 HashMap {5006={doOff=true, doAct=true, isSet=true, swVal=on, dimVal=100, CM=Dimmer, useVarD=false}}
capDevs2 HashMap {5006={doOff=true, doAct=false, isSet=false, swVal=on, dimVal=100, CM=Dimmer, useVarD=false}}
capDevs65 HashMap {5006={doOff=true, doAct=false, isSet=false, swVal=on, dimVal=100, CM=Dimmer, useVarD=false}}
captured1 Boolean true
captured1.1 Boolean true
captured2 Boolean true
captured65 Boolean true
dayGroupNdx Integer 1
dayGroups HashMap {1=[true, true, true, true, true, true, true]}
delayArm Integer 0
firstName Boolean true
fixVariableDisable Boolean true
hasDevices Boolean true
isOn HashMap {4914=false, 4918=false, 5013=false, 5006=false, 5007=false}
mode String 1
modeIds HashMap {Away=4, Bedtime=33, Early Morning=97, Evening=2, Night=3, Morning=65, Day=1}
modeNames HashMap {33=Bedtime, C=Pre-Capture, -1=Preset Off Day, -2=Preset Off Evening, -3=Preset Off Night, -4=Preset Off Away, -97=Preset Off Early Morning, -65=Preset Off Morning, -33=Preset Off Bedtime, 0=All Modes, P=Preset Off, 1=Day, 2=Evening, 3=Night, T=Transition, 4=Away, 97=Early Morning, 65=Morning}
modes ArrayList [{4=Away}, {33=Bedtime}, {1=Day}, {97=Early Morning}, {2=Evening}, {65=Morning}, {3=Night}]
noReport HashMap {5006=false}
notEqual Boolean true
offStarted Boolean true
onStarted Boolean true
origDelay Integer 0
paused Boolean true
previousModeNames ArrayList [Day, Evening, Night, Away, Bedtime, Morning, Early Morning]
previousModes ArrayList [1, 2, 3, 4, 33, 65, 97]
prevState HashMap {100=inactive}
priorDevs ArrayList [5006]
priorMode String 65
priorOffMeans ArrayList [motion stays inactive]
priorOnMeans ArrayList [contact opens]
priorSchedType String Hub Modes
priorUseModes Boolean true
randHue Integer -1
reported HashMap {5006=true}
reps Integer 0
started Boolean true
steps HashMap {5006={ct=0, level=23.333333333333332, swVal=on, sat=0, hue=0}}
totalReps Integer 3
updateForTimes Boolean true
values HashMap {5006={level=69.999999999999996}}
virginOff Boolean true
virginOn Boolean true
Scheduled Jobs

No scheduled jobs are set.

App has no child devices.

Pause only pauses Activation for Room Lights, not other things that might happen from the app. In the future, it would be better to use screenshots to show things about the app. Turn on logging in the app, and post those logs to show what is happening, filtered to the app only.

There is no other apps tied to these lights, only the one Room lighting app, which I would expect pausing the app should prevent the actions, unless I am wrong. I already had logging on, but for some reason that app is not showing any logs, odd. The other room lighting apps are logging properly though.

It's paused, so maybe it's not doing anything.

What do you mean by this? What actions? What trigger? Show the Room Lights setup page.

Yes, this would make sense.

The light is still being triggered when the door is opened, as set in the app.

Show the In Use By from the Master Bedroom Contact device page.

I created a similar Room Lights setup, and it doesn't turn on the light when Paused.

The only other app is set to turn on the lamps in the room, which is a different lutron switch, The lamps do obey the pause and do not turn on, using the same contact.

My suggestion is that you remove this instance of Room Lights, and create a new, simpler one.

When Room Lights activates a dimmer, it always logs something like this in Live Logs:

Experiment with the new instance so that you can verify for yourself what the logs look like when it activates the dimmer, and then see if Pause stops that from happening or not.

You could also disable the app instance from the Apps page Disable column, and see what affect that has.

My suspicion is that the transition could be the source of this. Please try removing the transition, and see if that fixes it. But, even the transition logs what it does.

I have determined that this is in fact a bug associated with the interaction of Pause and Transition over time. Fix will be in the next release.

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Okay, awesome thanks for assisting and the fix! Sorry I didn't have a chance to get back sooner, some craziness at home this morning.