Room Lighting App Issues

I am having problems with Room Lighting after I upgraded hub today. C-7 hub running version

When the Room Lighting task activates, it will set the levels on the bulbs, but the bulbs never turn on. And it reports "X" for device state, shown in the image below.

It was working yesterday, but stopped working after I did the Hub software update

I will add something more here.

If I turn on the bulbs manually via the device property page and then Activate the Room Lighting task, it will set the levels of the bulbs.

If I select turn off on the Room Lighting task, it will turn off the three bulbs.

But when I try to Active again, it doesnโ€™t work and I get the red โ€œXโ€ status for each bulb (tool tip says device is not reporting).

But the bulbs all work when I active and program them through the device list.

See if you can control those bulbs directly from their device page... This happens when they don't report, so it could be that something is messed up with the bulbs.

I was updating I think at the same time as your response.

I can control the bulbs via the device list with no issues. But cannot seem to control through automations anymore.

I tried creating a Rule Machine task to turn on the bulbs but it does not work. I only used the Set Color Temp option, but that should have turned on the bulbs.

Ok I found the conflict.

This setup is using the Sengled Element Color Plus drivers.

If either the Enable color pre-staging or Enable level pre-staging (or both) are enabled, then I will see this issue.

As long as these settings are both disabled then the automations work fine.