Room Lighting app Issues/Questions

When I activated a "Room Lighting" app with "a lot" of devices on it, towards the end of it running, I saw:

Are those errors that "blew it up" so it didn't finish properly-or are they really just warnings? I'm seeing that even when it only has a few "unset" devices to command.


I have a couple RL apps that largely do opposing things to a number of lights (one turns lights on, the other off).

Both have "Select Indicator Use" to "Scene".

I had run the "On" RL app and got all the lights on and the Indicator switch popped on.

I then ran the "Off" RL app and got the lights all off. I saw the LOG say

Yet, the indicator switch for the "On" RL app is:

And, the off one is:

Am I reading things wrong? I expected the "indicator/activator" switch to turn itself off when the lights didn't match (as the log message seemed to indicate).

Oddly, with all of the RL devices off (per the Off RL App), when I did a "refresh" on all the devices, the "Off" indicator went to "Off' and the "On" one stayed on--yet the devices were 100% aligned with the "Off" app...and none matched the "On" RL App settings. It's not making a lot of sense how they are working.

So, trying again (after manually turning the "On" RL app's indicator off), when everything ends up properly set, I see log messages showing that the "indicator is on"...but the activator device isn't changing to match the log message (groupState=allOff, switch=off)

Options for the "on" RL app:

Options for the "Off" RL app:

I'm really just looking for something to tell me (accurately) if all the devices in the RL App "match" the "Activated" setting or not. I seem to be having better luck with the RL App that turns everything off (as it's activator switch seems to track more properly).

(note that I am please--the RL App does seem to be working MUCH better/more reliably overall than when it first came out!!)



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@gopher.ny Am I misunderstanding how the RL App actuator should work?

I was hoping that the "Actuator" switch would turn on when all the lights were set per the RL "scene" and off when they didn't match (somewhat regardless of whether the app was "activated"). That would let someone see if a set of lights/etc. were in a desired state (through automations or manually) by just looking at the Actuator.

I'm not sure why one of my RL children isn't setting the Actuator switch when the "scene" matches or doesn't??

Can't say I have read much more than your initial question / observation re excessive events, but it would be interesting to understand what device 1540 is.... Is it the activator device or something else....?

The Activator Switch for that Room Lighting App client "scene".


It seems that the issue with my Room Lighting actuator may have to do with the instance of the RL App turning all the devices OFF. For some reason, the actuator doesn't seem to reflect that properly when it is set to "Indicator for Scene Set" and all devices in the scene table have OFF as their desired setting.

That was unexpected--but I may be able to work around it for now by using "Indicator for Group Any On" and watching for it to go off (which it seems to do once all the lights are really off).

I know I'm kinda using the RL app a bit backwards--but I've not figured out a great other way to force everything off and know they really are off (given a few cantankerous devices).

I updated to the latest Z-Wave firmware included in and it does seem that I can reduce the metering delays a bit more (which is great) and am now also getting the Room Lighting stuff figured out--so I think I may transition some of my things that way. :slight_smile:

Mostly what I'm seeing now is that some of the GE/Enbrighten/Jasco devices (particularly the "dual outlet" ones) don't respond as expected, so they don't properly reply back to the hub with their "newly changed" state, especially when there is a lot of stuff going on at once. But, things seem to be making good progress all in all. Thx!

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