Room Lighting and Zigbee Group Messaging

Hi all, my hub has been out of commission for almost 2 years now due to changes in living situation and I'm now I'm finally back in action! In my new place I needed all new rules of course so I decided to try out Room Lighting.

One thing I seem to find though is that activating a room lighting automation isn't as smooth (the timing of turn ons/offs and dimness changes isn't as even across the different lights) as manually changing a group with all the lights in the room or changing the lights of a group using rule machine.

Is this because my group has zigbee group messaging enabled and Room lighting doesn't use zigbee group messaging? Is a better way (for me at least) to also have a group, and when I want all the lights to turn on/off smoothly to have the activation only attached to the group rather than the individual devices?

For device details the room has 6 sengled bulbs, 5 are Sengled Element Classics and 1 is a Sengled CT bulb

Loving trying out this new app and I'm so excited to see all the other new changes in Hubitat since I've been gone

Do you have any zigbee repeaters in your mesh?

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If you have created a Group with all those bulbs (with ZGM turned on), and are using Room Lighting to control the Group, rather than individual bulbs, then zigbee group messaging will be used.

If you are using it control individual bulbs added to Room Lighting, then ZGM will not be used.

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Yep, I'm starting setup slow, but the room in question has the hub, a Slyvania switch (outlet) and an Innr outlet.

Got it, so when I want the zigbee group messaging I will just have the room lighting automation control the group. Thanks! Do you think the lack of group messaging in my original setup was a reason things would turn on a couple miliseconds apart?

Could be. Only way to tell is to test it.

Smort, that fixed it, thanks!

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