Room Lighting activation question

Referencing my RL setup screenshot below... If my Mode = Away, I think that would that prevent ANY activation of this RL scene, true?

My intent is to just prevent daily activation at 16:30 if Away (there are other circumstances when I'd like ability to activate this scene via "Activator Device" if Away), but now that I look at this, I don't think that's possible here with RL alone, correct?

I know that condition's an easy thing to take care of in RM, but I'd love to do this all in RL if possible (but I don't think it is)... No biggie either way, just hoping to get confirmation of it. Thanks!

Yes, it will not Activate when mode is Away, just like it says in the UI.

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Maybe create a separate (nearly identical) RL instance for the 16:30 activation with this limit condition would work for this?

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I thought about that, but since it requires creating something separate either way, I stuck with the devil I know (RM) for that piece.

But I plan to revisit it when I get more RL experience under my belt... One thing I've learned about RL since I finally started using it here in the beta use that I have lots more to learn!

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