Rogue Motion Lighting

Motion Lighting has served me well for a long time. This week, child apps are broken. To this point I have

Restored a backup from before this week. Initially all seemed well but now broken again.
Deleted the Motion Lighting child apps and reconfigured them from scratch. Did not help.
Deleted the entire Motion Lighting built-in app. Reinstalled and reconfigured them from scratch. Did not help.

See below the log output and the child app definition for app:2526 "ML4 Kitchen-Living Room". I am on C7 with

My ML child apps that work on indivudual swithes and not scenes per mode are still working so MAYBE the problem is related to scenes. However the scenes in question all work perfectly when activated or turned off via the scene app page or through dashboards.

Based on the reference to btnHandler in the error message, I can only assume it has something to do with Button Controllers "Motion Lights ON" and "Motion Lights OFF". Have you looked at (or changed) these?

They seem to be working OK. I even took them away to trouble-shoot, no luck. Attaching the app status page.

I'm not sure then....

Ok maybe you are on to something after all. I removed (again) the connections to Motion Lights ON and OFF from the ML app configuration and at least now the ML app does not throw errors in the log. Not sure its working though. Will test more when I get back home from work.

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The btnHandler error goes away when I remove on/off buttons from the app config but I still get this in the logs and the app does not switch anything on or off

Looks like Evening is meant to be an I'd and may be a bug in the code.... Not sure....

Is evening the name of a scene? Looks like a mode now that I look back at your screenshot. Hhnmmm...

It is a mode name yes. I have updated the mode name in the hub settings and added the new mode to the app config. Testing

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Naw. Even with a new mode name, it still throws that error

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.sql.SQLException: Data conversion error converting "'Evening_' (APP_SETTING_DEVICE_LINK: DEVICE_ID BIGINT NOT NULL SELECTIVITY 22)"; SQL statement:
INSERT INTO APP_SETTING_DEVICE_LINK (APP_SETTING_ID, DEVICE_ID) VALUES (?, ?) -- (?1, ?2) [22018-197] Query: INSERT INTO APP_SETTING_DEVICE_LINK (APP_SETTING_ID, DEVICE_ID) VALUES (?, ?) Parameters: [24735, Evening_] on line 945 (method updated)

Weird that it still references Evening....

I changed from Evening to Evening_ and the error references the new name ending with an underscore.

I then deleted the mode itself from hub settings, re-created the mode and updated all rules and apps selecting the new mode. But is still throws the same errror (referencing the new mode name)

It does feel like one for the developers, hopefully @bravenel or someone else can assist.

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Yes I am out of options on what to do next. The "disabled by button is also weird"

I use some of those kind of options myself. The way I think of it is having a setting behind the scenes (pun intended) that enables or disables the triggering of the lights turning on, and a separate setting for off. You can control these settings using different mechanisms, like a button. Even when disabled the ML app will log that it detects a trigger / condition that would normally turn the lights on or off, but then tells you that it will not be acting on it because the setting for disabling that action has stopped it

OK so I rolled back to Went into my ML apps which had all Scenes references as NULL on the app main page in the "Lights to turn on" section. When hitting the same, the GUI showed the correct scene under "Select Scene per mode". I hit Done and at this point all is well. No errors in the logs and ML apps operates normally.

So for sure something is broken in the ML app code in the latest platform releases. Perhaps a bug connected to the new feature "multiple scene activation". Only a single scene is allowed in


Nice work getting some good info for the team to work with, and for persisting. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of it quickly.

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Thanks for digging into this so deeply. I have one more request. I assume that the App Status page you posted above is from Release 2.3.1, correct? If so, could you roll back to 2.3.0 and post the same App Status page? That would help nail where the problem is.

I believe your supposition about the multiple scene activation is probably correct. I will track this down.

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Yes the previous App Status page is from 2.3.1, correct. App Status page from

Thanks! I will dig into this...

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Problem found, fix in next release.