RM5 Send or Speak Message bug

Using the Send or Speak action with %value% in the message and not setting a value for "At this volume" results in a 0 for %value%. So for example in the following rule I get the message "The Patio Camera just saw a 0" instead of "just saw a person". Setting a value for volume corrects the issue but I don't want to change the volume of all my speakers this way.

%value% comes from the most recent trigger event. What are those? You haven't shown enough information, and there is no reason why not setting a volume would affect %value%.

Sorry about that...I should have shown the triggers. These are devices linked to my Camect system. When it detects an Object - person, dog etc. it changes the value of "Object" on the device. I use that to trigger the rule when it changes from " " so the %value% is the name of the object.

Setting a number for volume results in the correct message "The patio camera just saw a person"
Leaving the volume blank results in "The patio camera just saw a 0"

I don't know that %value% is ever being set, or by what. Look at the App Status page (gear icon) under Application State and see what it says for LastEvtValue.

Please show the Event Subscriptions from the App Status page.

Well, now that I've been playing around with the rule it seems to have resolved for no apparent reason. When I originally created the rule after RM5 just launched it happened consistently when volume was not set. Earlier I changed the volume back to blank and got the 0 for value, now I can't repeat it. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and sorry for taking your time.