RM5( Activate Scenes Issue

I having an issue where not all scenes are showing in 'Activate Scene' or 'Activate Scene Per Mode'

I had lots of scenes when I first noticed the issue. As my scenes had got messy over time I was already going to delete them all and start fresh.
After creating the first 2

  • Living Room Lights
  • Living Room Power
    I checked that they showed up and cloned and tweaked them for the modes.
    Now I cannot see 'Living Room Lights'.
    I can work around this. Just thought it was worth reporting.

I have found entering the scene editing nothing and clicking done gets it to show up.
As a datapoint I had cloned the scene a number of times and deleted one of the clones. Though on doing this as a test it did not seem to recreate the issue.

A Scene 'registers' with its parent app when you hit Done in the Scene. Another way to do it is to open the parent app and hit Done.

But why would it stop showing up when nothing had changed in that scene?
Other scenes had be created though.

I have finally found the steps that cause the issue.

  1. Clone a scene.
  2. Rename the copy
  3. Check the scene is available in RM

It's not just a list issue, the scene disappears from the activate scene actions.
As you stated clicking done on the missing scene does add it back.

Please see if clicking Done in the parent app, Groups and Scenes, brings it back or not.

It does not, only clicking done on the missing scene works.
Its the renaming of the clone that causes the issue so there would still be an extra step after renaming.

So if you open the cloned/renamed Scene, and hit Done, then it shows up?

I think I may have not been clear.

The cloned/renamed theme shows up fine.
It's the original that has the issue once the clone had been renamed, and reopening the original and clicking done does solve the issue. Clicking done on the cloned/renamed scene has no effect on the missing original scene.

OK, I'll look into this. Thanks.

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