RM4 rule editing -- support find & replace

The "clone" operation within RM4 is most useful when a user wants to apply a complex rule to a different set of devices, substituting one set of devices for another, while keeping similar (or identical) actions. However, once a rule is cloned, the process of editing it to change the device names in the new rule is cumbersome and error-prone.

The RM4 editing process would be tremendously improved with a find-and-replace operation. When editing an existing rule, the interface would present a drop-down list of devices in the rule, then allow the user to select a named device to be replaced globally. A further refinement (syntax check, essentially) would restrict the list of replacement devices to the same type (capabilities) as the original. For example, if the "Den Motion" device was selected from the original rule, it could only be replaced with other motion detectors.


I'd love this sort of thing as well. I get the impression that this isn't possible under the current framework.

If this is difficult (or impossible) to implement in the current app model, a similar idea that might make editing similarly easy--and make a lot more things easier (and make webCoRE users happier since this is used in some pistons there and there currently isn't a good way to convert some of these into rules as easily as some would want)--would be allow using a device as a variable. Then you could define the device once, use the variable everywhere, and just change out the value (device) of the variable(s).

Just an alternate idea for them to consider depending on what's possible in the current model. :slight_smile: