RM4: repeat announcements while door open

With the new changes, I haven't figured out how to do a simple rule: announce that the door is open every minute while it's open. When the door closes, the announcements should stop. The announcements should start immediately when the door opens, but only repeat once per minute.

Right's the simplest way to do this in RM4?

If you do want to use RM, this post/thread contains a few examples of repeating notifications for things like this:

However, you don't need to use Rule Machine at all. The built-in Notifications app now includes the ability to repeat notifications for most conditions until they are no longer met. I would recommend that instead if the functionality meet your needs.


Ok, that worked great. Thanks, @bertabcd1234, for the tip. The Notifications app was simple to set up. Definitely the right answer for simple repeated announcements.

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