RM4 Action Editing Question

Hello All,

I have a RM4 action editing question. I somehow ended-up with the 2 lines below and can't figure-out how to delete them without having to redo the complete expression. Any ideas?




There is an option to delete triggers when you click into them. The same with actions. Click into the big field and see if you can get rid of it that way. Sometimes I'm successful, sometimes not. THAT part of it is confusing. Be careful, though. If you click a line in the delete field, it's gone. It doesn't verify.

You can't edit parts of the conditional action. You have to erase the entire expression and start over again. You definitely have some extra "AND"s in there. Luckily, all of the conditions that you've created will be in the drop down list now so you don't have to specify them again.

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OK...bummer, back to the grind :slight_smile: