RM3 Periodic -- Updated Rule doesn't change time period

I have a triggered rule that reads the temperature in rooms in my house.
After getting it up and running every 10 minutes, I updated the rule to run every 30 minutes (or so I thought).

Still running every 10 minutes.

Output (Its a Maker Webhook that writes to a Google spreadsheet).

Do I need to just create a new rule for 30 minute trigger? Or is this a bug? Or am I just doing something stupid?

Check the future schedule on the setting page, little gear icon.
See if it goes to next Run time being 30 min.

If it still plays up perhaps try disabling and then re-enabling the rule.
That might give it the kick it needs.

Did you click on "update this trigger"?

You have to hit Done or Update this Trigger after making that change.

I'd swear that I did. So I did everything suggested above. Done / Update/ Disable / Enable.
Working perfectly now. Thanks, @bobbles, @Ryan780, & @bravenel

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