RM Thermostat Translation

In RM there is a section to control your thermostat. In there at the bottom there is a "Control Thermostat Scheduler". In there there is a selection called Set Hold On/Off. Now if you go to Thermostat Scheduler itself there is at the bottom a Use Heat: xx Cool: xx for Away. You can set the values if you click on it.
Now, is Use Heat: xx Cool: xx for Away and Set Hold On/Off the same thing? Set Hold On = Away and Set Hold Off = Home or regular schedule?

No. Hold is just like Hold on a thermostat -- it stops any schedules from changing the setpoints. Using Heat:xx Cool:xx for Away causes those setpoint to be set when the mode becomes Away.

So how do you get it to go back to the schedule when you return home?

As soon as mode is not Away, it goes back.

Great! Thanks! I wondered if it might since there was nothing to choose.