RM Sunrise Trigger not working


I have a simple RM 4.0 rule (platform which is supposed to turn off a scene at sunrise. Looking in the logs, the action never happened this morning. Any ideas? Suggestions to troubleshoot?

Things I've checked:

  • Time is set correctly.
  • Timezone is set correctly.
  • Live logs have the correct time "now"
  • Latitude and Longitude is set correctly
  • Sunrise and Sunset are correct as per Settings > Location
  • Clicking "Run Actions" in the rule works and correctly turns the scene off.

Expected behavior: Action is run at Sunrise.

Actual behavior: Rule action is not run at Sunrise.

Can you show the scene settings?


Front porch is missing some settings. If it is a color/color temp light than those should be there when the scene is captured for Front Porch. Because activate switch turning off definitely turns off the devices within the scene. Did the lights actually turn off at sunrise? Can you show the logs for the time period in question?

Nope, sadly.

Sure, Sunrise was at 7:49 AM today

I would try to fix the scene settings...until that is fixed, it may not work correctly. You could also just turn off the two lights instead of the scene. When the component devices do not match the scene settings, the scene switch will turn itself off. I never turn my scenes off. Always the components.

Thanks for the suggestion and for trying to help, but I'm a bit confused. The scene works fine. Could you help me understand what's wrong with it?

I'd prefer not to go on a wild goose chase. Given the rule has logging set to "Actions" don't we expect the action of turning off the scene to show up around 7:49 AM? Since it doesn't show up, shouldn't we assume this is an issue in RM instead of the scene?

So, going into the scene and turning it off turns off both lights? You've tried the off part as well? Because you have a color/color temp light with no color/color temp info in the scene, which is incorrect.

The sunrise trigger in RM works fine. But you clearly think you are finding all these bugs that have just eluded the rest of us for over 2 years. So, good luck man.

No because I know the sunrise trigger works.

Not if the scene is already off.

It is not a wild goose chase. I know what I'm doing. If you don't want my help, I won't give it.

Yes, all the following works fine:

  • Going into the scene and clicking "Active Scene"
  • Going into the device named "Scene Dusk to Dawn" and clicking Off
  • Clicking "Run Actions" in the rule.

Bump, any ideas on why Sunrise isn't working in Rules Machine 4.0?

I turned on full logging in the Rule (Events, Triggers, Actions), waited overnight, and nothing showed up in the logs this morning at sunrise. This is the 3rd day the sunrise event hasn't triggered an action. Any ideas what's wrong with Rule Machine?

Just a suggestion for comparison tomorrow. Create 2 new rules, one exactly the same as the existing one with a slightly different name, and the other, instead of using Sunrise, specify an exact time. Enable full logging in both, and let's see what happens.

Last night I updated to the recently released Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version and the sunrise trigger and action fired and the scene turned all of the lights off as expected. No longer a problem.