RM set dim level did not work, but did at switch

I am using Inovelli Red Dimmers (LZW31-SN) and Cree A19 75 watt replacement dimmable LED light bulbs, 5000K. They are in a 9 bulb chandelier. If I hold the physical button down on the switch it will dim them to a very low level without flicker, etc. However, I created a RM rule that if I push button 7 (the little config button on the upper right side) to set the lights to 25% the lights do not turn on. However, when I changed the rule to set them to 30% it works perfectly. BTW, I set the time to dim them parameter to 0 seconds.

I could understand the 25% rule not working if I couldn't manually dim the lights that low. But by pressing the switch I can tell it goes significantly lower than 25%. So, does anybody know why physically pressing the down button works to dim them to 25% (and even lower) but the RM rule wouldn't turn them on at 25%?

Easy question first: how can you "tell?" :slight_smile: Look at the "level" attribute under "Current States" on the device page to be sure instead of eyeballing it. As you may know, some bulbs won't turn on at extremely low levels, and if 25% happens to be one of those levels for your bulb, it could cause this problem. The Inovelli driver provides way to adjust this (and it can be done regardless of which driver you're using, but it sounds like you're using theirs).

Another thing you could try for troubleshooting: leave Rule Machine (or Simple Automation Rules or Button Controller or any app) out of the picture. On the device page for the Inovelli dimmer itself, play around with the "Set Level" command and see if you can figure anything out. This takes two parameters, the desired level (required) and the transition time (in seconds; optional). Some people have found odd things where dimming down to a certain level is fine but dimming up from off to that same level gives unexpected results, or vice versa. The min/max dim parameters may help you adjust here if needed, or there may be just some oddity between your bulbs and the dimmers (you could try swapping out the bulbs if you have another brand/model). Just a few ideas!

Thanks for all the tips!!

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