RM - Run custom action on last event device action list empty

I am trying make a small auto RM automation to automatically adjust volume for my google nest minis to 4 when playback is stopped.

I run in to an issue that when trying to create the custom action in RM that the action list is empty (only shows "click to set") this happens no matter what culpability I set for my custom action.

Have I hit a bug or is there something I do not understand :slight_smile:

Here’s how I would do it. At least some of the options, if not all of them, will only appear for available devices.

Thanks, but I have 5 google devices and would really prefer one rule to cover all of them with a trigger below setup

<google_device_1> mediaSource changed
<google_device_2> mediaSource changed
<google_device_3> mediaSource changed
<google_device_4> mediaSource changed
<google_device_5> mediaSource changed

Action would be
If <last_event_device> mediaSource is none THEN
run custom action on <last_event_device> set volume to 40

I could use control action, but that does not offer last event device and I suppose that it would require me to create a specific rule for each device

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Is this a bug? Cannot progress once the "Use Last Event Device?" toggle is set. Doesn't matter what is selected for capability.

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In the interim a very round about way to do this would be:

You'll obviously need to add the extra devices as triggers and create the IF-THEN for each potential device.

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Yeah, does appear to be a bug. Will look into it.


Seems like a reasonable workaround, I will try it out and report back.


Thanks this took a little more lines of "code" than I was expecting, but it works.


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