RM Rules for Ceiling Fans

Anyone have any RM rules already setup for when the temp in the house gets to a certain point a rule triggers and turns the ceiling fan on and then back off again when it reaches a certain temp? Or perhaps if it's a certain temp outside? I'm looking for ideas for the upcoming summer season on how to keep my house cooler besides just running the A/C.

I have a very simple rule to turn on the attic exhaust fan when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees (f).

More extensive fan control is going to be in the next release. I have my system set to do this now. When my AC comes on, it turns on my ceiling fans and on circulating fan to help keep the upstairs cool since downstairs always stays cooler.

Here is my whole house fan rule. I use it during summer so I don't have to have the AC running all night. And, since the house is cooler in the morning, the AC doesn't turn on until later in the day. This saved me a good chunk of change last summer. The conditions are:

  1. A virtual switch (turns on when a window is open) to make sure I'm drawing air in from outside.
  2. There needs to be a 6 degree difference between the outdoors (lower) and indoors for the house fan to cool.
  3. Turns the house fan off when either of the bedrooms drop below 72 degrees.
  4. Only works if I'm home.


Ryan which thermostat do you use? I'm using Ecobee 4 and my HVAC mode is set to Auto, so I'm not sure Hubitat would be able to see when it goes to a mode such as cool vs just auto. Wondering how I could set a rule to do this with my thermostat.

You're not looking at the correct attribute. You wanna look at Thermostat state. That will show cooling, heating, idle, etc. You need to trigger off of that.
I have an ecobee 3 lite.