RM Rule Not Working As Expected With Mode Changes - Any Help Greatly Appreciated

Hi all
Wondering if someone might be able to help.
I have rules setup to turn on lights and off after a set period of no motion sensor activity. These work perfectly fine. However I find when the mode changes from one mode to another the new rule doesn’t work a lot of the time to shut off lights, almost like the old rule pre mode change has lost track of what it is supposed to be doing and conflicts with the new rule which changes mode.
As an example, the following is my downstairs Hall Light rule:

If I change mode when the lights are still on for downstairs Hall by way of a good night rule, it’s 50/50 of the downstairs Hall Lights will turn off:

I’ve found similar behaviour when leaving home. I have presence working 100% of the time to change mode to Away but frequently lights haven’t gone off and are still running even though I’ve said in a good bye rule to shut down all lights:

The lights are all Hue bulbs, apart from Lounge and Dining Room which are LIFX bulbs. I’m running the latest HE firmware.
I also seem to encounter similar problems when modes change automatically at set times with mode manager. However all rules work perfectly fine again in the new modes when triggered after mode has changed

I can't officially answer but I had a similar problem when I first started and I was using "Restrictions" which will cause this behavior. I was using timed restrictions and if the light turned ON before the restricted time...then the restricted time happened while the light was on..it never turned off. I'm wondering if your mode change then changes the rule and your false action never runs.

I can think of something to try. Keep your existing rule to turn ON the lights and create a separate rule to turn OFF the lights. Basically the same as the first but no TRUE actions. I've found myself not using both the TRUE and FALSE rule actions more and more. Again this is just how I do it. I also turn off all lights on "goodnight" and "away" so I would never see this problem.

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