RM Rule help needed

I've been trying to move my pistons over to RM, but I am having problems. I thought this Rule would turn on my hue bulbs and then turn off after there is no motion for 3 min. However, the bulbs never turn off.

What am I doing wrong?

Are you trying to different levels for specific “times of day” (day/evening/night)? If so, do you have these times tied to corresponding location modes?

If that is the case using the built in app “motion lighting” would make this very simple including your restriction for lux level.

I do, but last time I check the lighting app didn’t support color bulbs. I’ll take a look at it again.

Looks like when illuminance is below 60 and Hall off is true, your action is to turn on the hall light. So to me that says, anytime illuminance is below 60, the hall light will be constantly on based on what is defined in the rule. I believe what is missing is motion active in the rule.

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