RM Rule got changed in update from to 2.3.5110

Yesterday evening I downloaded a backup of my C7 hub, and then updated it from to All seemed fine.

Today I noticed that one of the rules that was supposed to execute last night had not run. Poking around the logs this evening I discovered the action for that rule somehow changed.
Action was Toggle: [Device Name] but it is now Track Switch: [Device Name]

Is this a known issue with the update? I cannot fathom how this action got changed any other way; I have not been editing or adding any rules lately. (Actually, I don't even know what "Track Switch" does).

If this is the only thing that got changed, it is easy enough to fix manually, but now I'm wondering if something else got changed via the update.
Is this a known issues?
Should I roll my hub back to 2.3..4.132 and restore the backup I saved? (I have no idea if that is possible or how)

This is more likely database corruption glitch that caused this. My suggestion is to fix the rule, and keep an eye on it.

I just had two other rules not execute properly. When I went to check the logs, to troubleshoot that, I see the log also shows Holiday Lighting is running every few minutes (did not used to do that) and every HL entry is proceeded by "Debug".

Not sure what to do. Suggestions?

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Restore you most recent backup.

Restored. Will watch it and report back tomorrow.

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