RM: Random Speech


@bravenel, would like to have an option in Rule Machine to have random Speech. Would make an amazing addition to the speech/notification options in RM.

Was thinking something like...

  • Have a checkbox or slider for Random Message and then be able to add multiple phrases in the Message to Send field separated by commas, colons, or whatever works. (ie. Door is open, Hey the door is open, Any reason the door is open)


  • Be able to put something like [random] xxxx, yyyy, zzzz in the Message to Send field.

I do realise there is a 3rd party app for this (A great one at that!) but it's getting HUGE and I don't use many of the options. It just makes sense that anything and everything that I could use as a trigger is already in RM. All that's missing is the random feature.

As an added bonus we could then say something random and turn something on/off at the same time. :wink:



{crickets} {crickets} {crickets}

@bravenel :sunglasses:


I will look at it. I think the cleanest way to do it would be to add an on/off selector for Random, and then have the messages separated by some character, perhaps semi-colon. On some speech devices a comma is interpreted as a pause. We'd need some character that is pretty much universally ignored to separate the different messages. Maybe / ?


Sounds great, Bruce. Thanks!


Next release:


Wow, that was fast!

Thanks again


Excellent feature guys.

can you consider adding another useful TTS feature where user can select the TTS voice for each message sent. In this case user can select male or female voices or voices in various languages depending on personal preferences.
This feature is not related to random messages. It's enough to choose one TTS voice per all messages in the random message string.


No love for my request, Bruce(@bravenel ):grinning:


Actually, I started to investigate it. It's not straightforward. We'll see....


Thanks for consideration, Bruce