RM-Problems after update (Generic Zigbee Bulbs and Buttons)

Hey everyone,

this is giving me headaches right now. I have a bunch of bulbs in my bedroom which I can control via voice, a button and motion. In RM 4.1. I've created a few rules, for turning these on and off. Since the update, they started to behave weird. First the device list and drivers:

2 Tradfri lamps E27 (Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev))
One Livarno Lux RGB E27 (Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev))
Xiaomi Button Controller (Oh-La-Labs driver)
Pluck Socket controlled via Broadlink RM4 Pro (Broadlink Integration)
Tradfri Repeater (Tradfri Signal Repeater)
Google Nest Hub

Everything is connected directly to my C7 Hub with the latest update.

Before the update, I could turn the lamps on and off with different scenes depending on motion, single and double tap etc.
Right now based on motion and tap only the broadlink device turns on. When I turn on the other lights via voice command / app etc. (which still works with no problem), I can only turn the Ikea Lamps off again via button. The Livarno bulb doesn't react in any way. Also, during voice command in some cases it doesn't react at all (few cases).

What I did so far was recreating the rules in RM4.1 and RM5 (disabled rules, when they are the same in both RM-Versions to exclude interference), updated the hub, robooted it and reconnectedthe button (which at least solved the problem of conctantly turning my BL-Device on and off).

By now I think after the update there might be a Bug at the Generic Zigbee CT Bulb driver, because all of my other devices in my house seem to work fine and pla alonge with each other (for example I'm controlling another Tradfri bulb with the same type of Xiaomi Button, but this bulb is using the Generic Zigbee Bulb driver instead of the CT-Driver).


Using the Same button on another Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (also Ikea) works fine. Is it possible, that I need to reconnect my bulbs in the bedroom? I've noticed also that my repeater seemed to have droped out, so I reconnected it.
I'm confused...