RM: problem with "method periodicHandler" in several rules

@bravenel I've been getting new hub slowdowns, to the point where a reboot is required.

Log is filled with these:

...for every rule I've got with a Cron string as a trigger, mostly changing colors of Zigbee RGBW strips once a minute. Here's one of 'em:

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 18-09-44 ∞ ~ Bathroom 2 RGBW strip OMNIBUS (15s)

Certainly nothing there that should (or did, these have been working fine for months) cause the Cron trigger to run for 150 seconds (which creates a problem on a once-a-minute rule). Any ideas?

Can you PM me the hub id? I'll take a look at the engineering logs.

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EDIT: on the off chance that this is related to some Zigbee issues I've been having on the same hub (mostly just building a new network in a new house), I moved all the "Cron" calls to another hub, having them set virtual switches on the "production" hub which the rules trigger on, instead of a "Periodic" trigger.

So far, both the device and app stats on both hubs are looking good. :+1: :grin: