RM problem with

After upgrading the hub, if I mouse over any part of RM on the Apps screen, the entire RM section highlights:

All rules appear to work correctly, but I am unable to add new rules. I can click on "Rule Machine", then "Create New Rule", but none of the selections on that screen do anything.

Also from "Rule Machine", clicking on "Create Global Variables" does nothing.

I've done/redone the upgrade a number of times. Help!

Same behavior for me a well.

Try a different browser?

I do not see the same behavior using Firefox or with Chrome.

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Or if you are already using one of those browsers, try to clear your cache and restart the browser

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Iā€™m not seeing this.

I was using SeaMonkey, a FireFox derivative. Clearing the cache didn't help.

Problem solved using a clean install of either FireFox or Chrome. Thanks for the help, folks. :smile:

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Using Edge on Win10, cleared cache; rebooted PC, issue remains. Works w Chrome

That'll teach you to not use Edge... :wink:

I'm a bad doobie :crazy_face: