RM: printing device status on notification message

Hi. I guess I am missing something here:
-I am troubleshooting the erratic behavior of my presence sensor (my phone with Hubitat app). In order to do that I want, for now, to send me a phone notification informing if my phone's presence status (boolean). This will be triggered every time I open my door (door sensor).

Challenge: How can I send a notification message that includes the status of my device's presence? I can easily do all the rest, but don't know how to say something like "door opened. Your phone presence is FALSE".

Suggest you set up a rule to get the desired information stored in a Hub Variable (let's call it phoneStatus of type String) each time your phone's status changes. Then your messaging rule or app can pull the contents of phoneStatus using the variable substitution %phoneStatus% into the body of the outbound message.