RM or Dashboard Bug using hub datetime variable?

I have a rule that shows the day I change my HVAC filter. This has worked for quite some time but I did make a slight change that has caused an issue and I don't see why.

I have a global datetime variable that holds the date I change the filter and I display this date on a dashboard. When it was working I was filling the hub variable with the date and time I changed the filter. I decided time was not really important I just wanted the date displayed. I have found, however, that if I fill the hub variable with just the date on the HUB variable page then the dashboard displays the date correctly. If I fill the hub variable with just the date using RM the variable shows invalid date on the dashboard.

In the screenshot below the first display is what the dashboard tile looks like after updating it on the Hub variable page, the second screenshot shows the RM action used to set it in a rule. The third display shows what it looks like after executing the RM action.

@support_team any thought on this. Am I doing something wrong?

There is a bug in RM that interacts poorly with Dashboard. Fix will be in next release.

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I have updated to the latest release, and this does not seem to be fixed.

It was time to change my filter again and the variable got updated via RM, with the command:
Set EcobeeFilterChangeDate to current date

The dashboard tile shows invalid date as shown in my OP.

This screenshot shows the hub variable page.

I clicked on the variable to edit and it showed there was only a date and no time. I clicked the clear on the time side and updated it, and the variable then showed correctly on the dashboard.