RM Motion Lighting with Dimmer set using Illuminance

I had a nice rule that was working, and I tried to get fancy.... and broke it.

I added everything highlighted in yellow, and now the app won't turn the light on at all.

Where did I screw it up?

The (0) in parentheses after things like Illuminance of Kitchen MutlkiSensor(0) is > 15 represents the current reading from that device (because you have the "Display current values" option turned on, which is helpful for things like this). So, at this time this page loaded, the lux sensor was reporting 0, making that second condition (< 15) in your expression false. This is also what the "(F)" after that condition means, as well as part of what the "[FALSE]" at the end of the entire expression could mean (single letters show the value of individual conditions; the word shows the value of the whole expression--and that's what ultimately determines whether anything inside runs). So, here you have a condition that is false; thus, that anything inside that IF THEN is getting skipped. (Hint: turning on action logging would show "skipped" after this expression and is another thing you can try to help figure things out in Logs.)

The second condition, the one inside this one, evaluates to true, but it will never be reached with these devices in their current states due to the value of the outer expression. Perhaps you wanted to make this an ELSE-IF instead of a nested IF, but since you don't have a description of what you actually want the rule to do, no one can say for sure. :slight_smile:

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Goods point.

What I had: If Illuminance is less that 19 --> turn on the light

What I want: If Illuminance is greater than 15 and less than 19 --> turn on the light at 50%, If Illuminance is equal to or less that 15 --> turn on the light at 100%

Adding another ELSE seems to have fixed it....


Although I'll have to wait for the lighting to go below 15 Illuminance to know for sure.