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I had the better laundry monitor app installed but it didn’t support voice announcements and was throwing and error so I removed the app.

I’d like to duplicate that in rule machine. When the dryer power rises above 50 dryer is running, when it drops back below 30 the dryer has stopped and send an announcement.

It takes two rules to do it, actually, two triggers:

Dryer On Trigger:
Event: power > 50
Action: Set Private Boolean of Dryer-Off Trigger to true

Dryer Off Trigger:
Event: power < 30
Actions: Set Private Boolean of "This Rule" to false, send announcement
Restriction: Disable with Private Boolean

It might take one on/off cycle to get it going right, as we need the PB of the second trigger to be false normally. It gets set to true when the dryer turns on, and remains true until it turns off. This may be overkill, it depends on how this power device reports. Assuming it reports periodically, we need to protect against false 'offs'. That's what the Private Boolean restriction does, only allow off reports to matter after the dryer is known to be running.

Hi. I was doing this in RM until recently when my hub became unresponsive. The only thing I could see at the time was the washer was running and every time the power changed it was doing a check in RM. My washer and dryer both seem to report power all over the board constantly. I am not sure if this is related or not, but I haven't had any problems since I removed these rules.

I would suggest giving this a try. RM rules and triggers (and other apps) are waking up constantly to events, and this should not cause the hub to have any problems.

Any way to add a time frame in there. Meaning Power < 5 for 5 minutes.

Depending on your power monitoring device you may be able to limit the frequency of reporting. On the Zooz devices I'm using I have them set to only report power every 2 minutes. When I had them configured with defaults the reports happened constantly which made the HE seem sluggish likely to the z-wave network being slammed with these excessive updates.

Shameless plug:

Message Central will do both of these for you

(‘Appliance Power Monitor’ trigger)


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I’m trying to keep everything native since my hub keeps locking up.

Didn't even know about this... plug worked. I'll give it a shot.

Also..am I missing something in there to trigger a switch or button when a rule is triggered? Aka so you could turn on a light?

Nope... the clue is in the name ‘Message’ central.
This app is designed to ‘talk’ or send a message as a result of a trigger - in this case appliance power.

If you just want to turn on a switch I think I have an app somewhere on ST that I could probably port over.


I am using zooz also and I have it set to 5 minutes. However I see constant updates in my logs which are most likely from RM.

Did you make sure to change the settings:

Power Report Percentage Change
Power Report Value Change

I have mine set to no reports and I have power reporting interval to 2 minutes.

This way it just sends reports every 2 minute regardless of power level. I could probably set mine even longer but haven't noticed any issues with 2 minutes.

I have been playing around with this today as well. Picked up a Aeotec Home energy meter gen5 and have been setting it up today.

This is the rule I setup to control a virtual switch. Message central is using the switch to trigger a sonos TTS notification, and another RM rule is setup for a pushover notification.

One thing I like about using a virtual switch is that now I have a switch I can use to indicate washer / dryer running on the dashboard.

Could you share what driver are you using for the HEM Gen5?

@vjv Im actually using yours. I found it over on this Thread. Currently I only have the electric dryer working with the HEM. The washing machine is using a Zooz heavy duty switch. ZOOZ ZEN15 POWER SWITCH – ZOOZ

Lol, I want to modify that driver but I'm not a coder, it works but I know it could be better. I thought you found something else or ported the Aeon ST driver, but it uses parent/child code, changing a couple of lines to hubitat in the code is not enough.


I am waiting for an official Aeon HEM Gen 5 driver myself. Hoping it can also calculate KWH based on manual preset $$ amounts and be capable of resetting monthly.

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