RM Ignoring Conditions on Local End Point Trigger

I'm doing something wrong here, conditions work fine for other things I've done, but I'm trying to have Blue Iris send a command to turn on a light on motion using an End Point. It works as expected and the light comes on, but seems to ignore the condition completely. For testing I even set it to only run on Mondays (which is not today) and the light still comes on. And how do I export my rule for you guys to look at?

Just use a screen capture tool, like the MS Windows built-in Snipping Tool. Then COPY the image into your clipboard, and then paste it into your reply here in the forum.

Ok I thought maybe there was code that might help ya, but it's a pretty basic rule.

I would suggest showing the entire rule, including triggers. From your screenshot, all I can see is that you created a condition--"Day is Monday"--but are not using it anywhere in your actions, e.g., as part of a conditional action like IF (Day is Monday) THEN .... If that's all there is to your rule, then I guess that's the problem. :slight_smile:

An explanation: the "Manage or Create Conditions" box is just a bank of conditions you can use, some of which Rule Machine may create automatically for you based on your triggers (in the interest of saving you the time of creating them later, assuming you might want to use them), but they do not do anything on their own. If your conditions "work fine for other things you've done," then something else is going on in those rules.

Ok heres everything, I've been playing around so its no longer only on mondays, the goal is to have this only fire at night. Like I said, the rule itself works fine, the light comes on when the BI camera triggers. Its just that I cannot get the condition to NOT do it when I don't want it to, like during the day.

Correct; this is because you are not using the condition. It has only been created. (Pre-creating them is optional; it may make things easier later since you can just choose the existing condition, but you can also create them on the fly when making conditional actions--up to you.)

You will need to add a conditional action before your existing "On" action. A versatile way to do this would be:

IF (Day is Monday) THEN
  On: Switch

(If you only have a single action and a single condition, you could also use a "Simple Conditional Action," but the full IF THEN ... END-IF as I did above gives you more possibilities.)

If you're not sure how to use the Rule Machine UI to create these, here's a video from Hubitat's YouTube channel that may help: Rule Machine 2: Advance Conditional Rules - YouTube. Also, if you didn't do this in your other rules, I'd check that they're really working the way you expect. :slight_smile:


Ok I got it figured out. Newbie Mistake! :grinning: Its a bit confusing when you look at the interface for the first time, but I see now I need to create a conditional action instead of just an action. Thank you, this worked!