RM Humidity % change trigger

I am setting up my bathroom now with a Zooz 4 in 1 and Zwave wall switch. The rule I want to create is for a 10% rise in humidity, turn on the bathroom fan. Unfortunately I only see a greater than value. So I can have it turn on when the humidity is 40% (for example). What I hope to have is that regardless of the current humidity level, if there is a 10% rise in humidity, it will turn on the fan. Sometimes the house just has high humidity (summer) and low humidity (winter) so having a specific humidity value isn't as practical as a % change. Not possible in RM currently I assume?

I’m not a RM expert by any means but I believe in any automation, if you doing a percentage increase, it would still need a baseline to start from. If you need a dynamic baseline, it can’t be from the same variable you are comparing. So you might want to use something like the outside humidity as that baseline.

Again , I’m no expert but that’s the only way I can think of to accomplish what you need.

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Here is the ST app I used for that sort of thing, I haven’t tested it since I can’t get my humidity sensor to update with any regularity.

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