RM: Feature Request. Last Option For week In Periodic Schedule

As per the title really.
Some months can have 5 Mondays (for example) in a month.
Would it be possible to have a option for 'LAST' week in a month so that if there 5 Mondays in a month, it can be selected.
If it's too difficult don't worry but just wondering.
In the example below I would like to select the last Sunday in March as a yearly event.



I believe this may be possible. In checking it out, I think I found a bug in this part of periodic also. So, I'll dig into both. We use Quartz for scheduling, and cron allows a designator for last specific day-of-week of a month, such as your request.

Update: Ha! Bug fixed and feature added. That was simple!

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Thanks Bruce.
Great service. As usual!