RM executes with False Required Expression

Can someone please tell me why the following rule executes with a false required expression.

Hub Info V3 settings

What does the log show? Possible there was an alert that changed very briefly which would have made it TRUE and back to false before you had a chance to look.

You have a required expression and a trigger referencing the same device attribute, which I think is not guaranteed to work and also seems pointless in your example.

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You'll need to check your logs, but I bet you had a race condition that happened. The expression was true and changed to false. However, the rule triggered before the expression got updated and prevented the rule from running.

I agree with @hubitrep in that you should probably re-write this rule.


@arnb if what you want is to be notified every time there is a new alert and not be notified when all alerts have just cleared, I think you can just use what you have set the regular expression to as your trigger.

Hint: generally speaking, every event represents an attribute change.

Based on the responses I changed the rule and it seems to be working as expected. Thank you.

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