RM error

Getting this error

app:1722018-03-16 07:05:21.335:errorCronExpression '*/90 * * * * ? *' is invalid.

app:1722018-03-16 07:04:19.192:errorCronExpression '*/90 * * * * ? *' is invalid.

with a simple RM rules to do a refresh and poll a couple of devices every 90 seconds.

Any thoughts?

Periodic maps to Cron, and Cron only allows 0 … 59 seconds. Separately, there is a bug that we aren’t enforcing range restrictions on inputs. Were that fixed, you’d have been prevented from entering 90. There is not a simple way to do something every 90 second. It’s doable, just not directly using Periodic.

59 seconds it shall be. Thanks @bravenel

You can get 60 seconds by using once a minute.


Decimal minutes are not supported correct? It’s an integer value? Eg 1.5 mins.

Correct, all interval elements are integers, be it milliseconds, seconds, minutes, etc.

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