RM delay, adding 1 minute?


I am working on a motion trigger for my kitchen lights and using the example from Bruce in the RM 4.0 announcement. When I add the off delay and make it 2 minutes, it takes around 3 to shut off, if I lower the delay time to 10 seconds, it turns of approximately in 1 minute.

To be clear, I can work with this, but I am just wondering why this is happening. Is it some kind of evaluation period ?


The rule worked as you have it written. Your motion detector went inactive at 13:54:17 and turned the light off at 13:54:27 - 10 seconds later.

It may have been 1 minute total from when motion was first detected, but the delay starts after no motion or the "false" statement.


Ah.. Thanks for the insight, it opened my eyes to the fact that this is caused by the fact that my motion sensor has a 60 second delay for inactive, so that is where that comes from :wink:

The sensor is a Xiaomi.