RM Connectors Help

I only just started playing with RM 4 today and I'm trying to use the Connectors and Global Variables for the first time as well (I know, I delayed this for a LONG time).

In any case I'm trying to update a global variable and have it display on the dashboard but I'm obviously missing something.

Here's my rule

And here's the string varaiable GV/Connector I setup (this updates correctly with the rule btw)

Here's the connector device page states (Virtual Omni Sensor):

So the GV seeems to get updated correctly by the rule but these updates are not being reflected in the Connector device. I added the connector to a dashboard as a Variable String and if I change the value through the dashboard, it updates correctly on the device page. For some reason setting the GV value in a rule does not reflect in the device attibutes.

Thanks in advance.

It would help if you turned on all logging for the rule and showed that.

Looking more closely at your GV section, there is not * for the "In use by" column. So remove that connector, and do it again. There must be an * showing for it to work.

Thanks for the reply Bruce. I did delete and recreate the connector already but I'll give it a shot again and report back.

This time I deleted the GV altogether and recreated both the GV and the connector. Still no *. I'll try recreating the rule unless you have another suggestion @bravenel.

@bravenel, I also just realised I'm running on my dev hub. It may be an old bug since there have been a few updates since then. Going to update a d they again.

Sorry for wasting your time Bruce. I updated to the latest firmware and when I created the Connector it was a RM Connector Variable instead of a Virtual Omni Sensor. All is working as designed. Not to self...always check firmware version before posting.

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