RM: can't get GET reponse into variable

Trying to set up a simple rule to put a GET response into a string variable:

Running the rule with logging on shows this:

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 10-22-18 Logs

...but the value of the "response" variable never changes.

Hmmm... Me too, or at least it didn't change initially, then I updated the rule to turn logging on and the variable is now "empty".

Was yours a Hub Variable?

Admittedly for this use case you could use Hub Info, but that may be a little "heavy" for whatever you may be wanting to achieve.

I have tried it with both a hub variable and a local variable - in both cases, the GET erases whatever was in the variable.

...and yes, I also use Hub Info, but I really don't want/need all of that info.

I will look into this.


I found the cause of this, and it will be fixed in the next release. It was indeed trying to slam a null value into the string variable. After the fix it puts the data value from the response into the variable, and that works.


Awesome. Thanks! :+1: