RM: Anyway to have a delay between device commands?

I would like to turn a couple of devices on or off with RM. That part is easy.

The problem is that the devices send an IR signal and RM is so fast that there is no time for the signal to send before the second device slams into it.

I see there are options to turn all devices on/off with a delay but is there a way to set a delay between devices in RM?



I asked a similar question recently. Seems the answer is to chain multiple rm actions with delay.

I am sure @bravenel can explain in better than I though.

Yes, you can do two in a single rule, and more if needed using what @cwwilson08 suggests -- chaining off additional Actions.

To do two in one rule, use Turn On These Switches for the first one (or Turn Off), then use Turn On or Off After a Delay for the second one. That will give you options for seconds or even milliseconds of delay. If you need more than two, then put the next two into an Action (possibly with a Delay these Actions in it), and run that Action from the first rule.

hmmm, so no way to turn on/off - cable box(ir), tv(ir), stereo(ir) and start a scene from one rule. Big bummer.

With Harmony not wanting to give out any more authorizations, other IR solutions seem like they will become much more common (like my Send IP2IR solution). Which would make this option much more useful.

With that said, I officially ask that it can be added to RM. I'm sure your request list is long but at least it's out there.

Big bummer? Why? That's why RM has Actions. These are additional actions that can be run from a single rule.. You don't need multiple rules, just multiple Actions. They run just as if they were part of the same rule. This is the mechanism that allows you to control the sort of timing you need, and is in fact why they were created in the first place.

Sorry, I must not of understood your example. Can you give me some screenshots or a walkthrough using 3 devices?


First is the main rule (in this case a trigger, but it could be whatever you need). I'm using 1 second intervals for each device to turn on, but could be whatever you need, including milliseconds. This rule turns on the Cable Box and the TV, and runs an Action that turns on the Stereo.

Next is the one additional Action needed to turn on the Stereo

Net result of firing the Turn on A/V trigger is that each device is turned on at 1 second intervals.

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Now I understand...Thank you very much!

We could change the Action to do two devices, like this:

By delaying the whole Action, we would get Movie Time at 2 seconds in, and then Stereo at 3 seconds.

So this is what I ended up doing...

I made a separate Action rule for each device. Cable with a 1 second delay, TV with a 2 sec delay and the stereo with a 3 sec delay. Works Great, thanks again Bruce.

I never did like the way this turned out (although it did work), so I made a better way ... :grin::grin::grin:

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