RM and boolean question

Hey CC (Clever Community)

Maybe a bit of a 'noob' question - so bear with me :pray:

When I 'just' enter the two triggers in RM it will make an OR - I'd like to have an AND instead of OR. Something like this

HSM Status = Away
Contact (Frontdoor, 'kitchen door' or 'Garden door'
Play 'ding sound,mp3' on Sonos kitchen and Sonos entry

I want my Sonos speakers to play an MP3 file when both conditions are true

I was looking into private boolean - but don't really understand how to create the above !?!

Please help me out

Current rule - which plays the MP3 regardless of HSM is AWAY or any other state

Regards Jan

Triggers can only be OR because they are an EVENT. HSM Status is not going to report a change to Armed Away at the exact moment any of the 3 other devices change to OPEN which is what an AND means.

Your Conditional Action would be something like:

IF HSM Status is Armed Away AND (Hovedder OR Terrasseder OR Kekkender ANY OPEN) then Move Sonos.....


Thx. @stephen_nutt - now I understand the use of boolean :+1: and it works as intended :slight_smile: