RM 5 - completing Action - stalled


I am trying to get RM5 to send a message to my phone/iPad/Computer that an Air Wick has triggered.

I have done that but cannot get the Rule to allow me to complete it - Missing the Save button.

What can I do to complete the section - I really don't need a Txt to speech - but does RM 5 mandate that all messages sent to devices also be accompanied by a txt to speech device


Delted Rule and recreated it this time allowed me to finish it.

I was going to say one thing that used to confuse me is you have to click outside the last field you filled in before the Done button comes up. So if it happens again, just click in the empty space between fields to see if that shifts it

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No I see that too, not the case in this case :slight_smile:

It was just a glitch in the creation.

I try not to do too many rules but recently needed / forced too. Everything I read from the power users around here says it's really improved - but my own experiences have been shaky/flaky. It has improved dramatically and I'm less likely to get stuck like you did but same thing happens to me about every 3rd time I try to make a rule. In the end, you just delete and rebuild - seems to always work! I will restate my feeling about this - it is dramatically better and continues to improve and I have much less fear of breaking things now.

It was my first RM5 on that HE.

I am about to migrate all the heating rules from RM4 to RM5, basically to remove the dependencies on Global variables, which is reported to be a big drag on HE performance.

By doing this streamline the heating system.