RM 5.1 - Predicate Rule Not Working with NOT Statement for Dates


I'm in RM 5.1 on, the NOT statement doesn't appear to work on Predicate Rule if using dates. I'm trying to setup a switch and variable to be off/false when it's not certain dates when my holiday or other event lighting will turn on.

Scheduled Jobs showing this rule is going to run at 12:10 AM which shouldn't be the case:

The NOT only applies to the first condition in the rule. You would need to wrap parens around all of the date ranges to get what you want.


I got it working with the parentheses and works perfectly like you suggested but maybe could use some work as far as looks since it's adding extra spacing in beginning and end within the parentheses. Not the biggest deal since it works but figured I would mention it though.


The parens tend to get lost visually, but that does appear to be too many spaces.